What Colors Match Brown Shoes?

Soren Hald/Stone/Getty Images

Brown shoes can match almost any color as long as its done right. It is not recommended to mix brown shoes with black. Casual black clothing can work well with brown shoes, however black formal wear should not be worn with brown shoes of any color.

There are different shades of brown, and different shades go with different types of clothing. Dark brown shoes can work with any color, almost as well or as well as black shoes. This color shoe works really well with earth tone colors. Green, yellow, gold, burgundy and purple can all look good with brown shoes.

For women, when matching brown shoes with clothing, one has to consider not only the color of the clothing but the type of clothing and the type of brown shoe. For instance, brown wedges look great with a patterned dress as long as the pattern is simple. Brown shoes work well with a simple pattern such as a blue and white geometric or a purple and green stripe pattern. For women who wear brown shoes, they must make sure that the accessories match the shoes. Brown shoes should be matched with a brown belt in a similar color. Gold tone jewelry is also a good match to brown shoes and accessories.