What Colors Match With Beige?

Seth Sawyers/CC-BY-2.0

Beige matches with all colors as it is considered a neutral similar to brown, gray, black and white. Beige is an adaptable color that is easy to wear.

The most difficult aspects about wearing beige is choosing the right kind of color to complement it and choosing the perfect beige for the wearer’s skin tone. To choose a color to complement beige, the shopper should look for something soft and shimmering. It should be a light color with perhaps a pearl or a sparkle to give it a more sensual appeal. However, beige can be paired with any color as long as the color is not too overpowering; in addition, beige looks best when paired with only one other color rather than a collection of colors.

The best beige for a person’s skin tone will depend on the skin tone. Individuals with lighter skin will need to look for beiges in soft shades and with a golden undertone to ensure that they are not washed out. Those with darker skin can wear deep beiges and pair them with a bold color to create a beautiful contrast between the skin and the garment.

Beige is considered a warm and neutral color. It should never be worn from head to toe because this creates a “blah” look. It should also not be worn as a swimsuit; otherwise, it will look like the wearer is walking around naked. The polyester and polyester-like fabrics should also not be worn in beige.