What Colors Do Elk Roofing Shingles Come In?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 9, 2020 6:12:53 AM ET

Elk roofing shingles are available in aspen white, barkwood, charcoal, hickory and hunter green. Elk's Timberline category features colors such as slate, shakewood and weathered wood. A listing of Elk shingle colors is available at ReconRoofs.com in the Gaf-Elk shingles category.

Elk roofing merged with Gaf in 2007 and is often referred to as the Gaf-Elk company, as of 2015. The Gaf-Elf Timberline-style shingle is the best-selling shingle in North America, according to GarGasRoofing.com.

Gas-Elf shingles received the Architects Choice for Excellence Award and a Builder's Choice award. Life Magazine also named the company the number one visual brand. Editors of Buildings magazine awarded Best Product to Gaf-Elk's roof restoration system.