What Are the Colorado Laws on Open Carry Pistols?

The Colorado constitution allows carrying a firearm in public, says Kristyn Leon for Fox 21 News. Colorado’s open carry law sets limitations for anyone carrying a weapon, such as barring them from government buildings. Open carry is not allowed in businesses that post a notice saying “No display of firearms.”

Local governments are allowed to pass laws or enact ordinances that restrict openly carrying firearms and the city of Denver does not allow it, notes Forbush Legal Offices. Local regulations that restrict open carry in a building or a particular area require posted signs informing people that it is prohibited. Colorado law allows carrying a handgun in a vehicle if it is intended for lawful protection. It is unlawful to carry a gun into a school or seminary, with some exceptions, but postsecondary institutions allow carrying concealed guns. Open carry means carrying a gun in plain sight, which is broadly defined as not being hidden in any way.

National parks and forests in Colorado are governed by state laws, so carrying a gun is permitted, says Forbush Legal Offices. However, carrying firearms is prohibited in federal facilities within these parks, such as maintenance buildings, visitor centers and administrative offices. A valid permit for a concealed handgun is required to carry firearms in state parks and recreation areas.