What Does the Color White Symbolize?

The color white typically symbolizes purity, goodness and innocence. White is seen as a clean or pure color. It is considered a perfect color and is often related to faith. It is an honest color that relates to a clean slate.

Gods and angels are usually shown in white to make them appear pure and good. Charities and hospitals often use white in advertising to convey honesty and cleanliness. White is a positive color that is associated with growth. It is calm and peaceful and meant to bring about a sense of security. White is worn by brides at weddings to symbolize virginity and purity. A white flag can be used to surrender peacefully.

White can also be taken as a sign of a new beginning or the completion of a cycle of life. However, some cultures also see the color white as cold, empty and relating to death. It can be seen as showing disinterest or detachment. Medieval European queens wore white in times of mourning. This tradition was continued in Spain up until the end of the 15th century. As of 2015, however, many modern cultures wear black in times of mourning and white to represent the beginning of a life.