What Color Shirt Goes With Olive Pants?

Shirts in neutral colors such as black, white, gray and navy go well with olive pants. Although the earthy tone of olive also anchors splashes of color, luminous or bright shades should be avoided.

While many think of olive as a muddy shade of green, it is technically a darker tone of yellow. Olive drab has a greener hue, and was the official color of the World War II U.S. military uniform. It remains popular in the fashion world because it has a classic look that can easily transition into modern styles. Outfits in olive drab regularly appear on runways, especially for autumn and winter collections.

When searching for a color of shirt that pairs well with olive pants, wearers should consider a number of factors. These include their skin tone and the occasion, as well as the color spectrum, according to Fashionbeans.com.

A crisp white or black shirt creates a chic, monochromatic style that looks smart with olive pants and a pair of brogues. Gray and navy shirts provide a more casual look, especially when paired with desert boots or fashionable sneakers. A burgundy shirt adds color to an outfit, but is also an earthy shade that is the perfect complement to the yellow tones in olive pants.