What Color Goes With Khaki?

David Goehring/CC-BY-2.0

Colors that go with khaki include neutrals, such as white, black and gray, and jewel tones, including ruby and emerald. Soft pastel colors, such as mint green and sky blue pair with khaki, and bright colors, such as magenta or lime green work with khaki as well.

According to Global Post, pairing khaki pants with a white t-shirt is simple and casual, while wearing khakis with a gray sweater is modern. A black belt serves as a contrasting accent to khaki pants.

Pastel colors, including peach and lilac, pair with khaki to form a fresh look. Bright, bold colors, such as tangerine, add spice to khaki-colored clothing. Jewel tones paired with khaki creates an outfit that is sophisticated and elegant.