What Are Some Colombian Wedding Traditions?

Common Colombian wedding traditions are the candle ceremony and the Serenata, among others. The candle tradition involves the bride and groom lighting separate candles and then using those candles to light another candle that symbolizes the bond they now share together.

Another Colombian wedding tradition is the Serenata. It is a pre-wedding tradition in which the groom surprises the bride and serenades her with a romantic song. The Serenata is usually performed with a band in front of family and friends and is followed by a party that can last several hours.

One popular wedding tradition in Colombia involves the bride putting a coin in her shoe during the wedding. This symbolizes her desire to never be in a situation where she and her husband will ever be without the basic necessities in life. It is also common in some parts of Colombia for the bride and groom to be covered with a mantilla, or lace veil, which demonstrates they are now a family under one roof.

Many Colombian brides wear long white dresses at their weddings, and during the reception, it is tradition for all single people to put one shoe under the bride’s dress. The groom picks one shoe and the owner of that shoe is going to be the next one to be married.