How Do Collectors Assess the Current Value of Boyds Bears?

Collectors consider condition, age, popularity and rarity when evaluating the value of Boyds Bears. The most highly sought after Boyds Bears can fetch up to around $600. However, most of the stuffed animals are worth a fraction of that amount. “Boyds Tracker Plush: Value Guide, Second Edition” is a reliable source for determining values of the stuffed animals. Edited by Beth Phillips and published in 2004, the guide contains detailed information and pictures to help date and appraise Boyds models.

Founded by antique dealer Gary M. Lowenthal and his wife, Justina Unger, in 1984, Boyds Bears produced a line of fully jointed stuffed bears clothed in high-quality, whimsical costumes. The couple named the line for the town in Maryland where they lived. The firm also offered figurines and other toy products for sale. Over the next three decades, Boyds Bears won many awards, including Teddy Bear of the Year, and earned a loyal following.

When he designed his first bear, Lowenthal named it after his son, Matthew. In 1993, the company added resin bears to its line of products. The company was acquired by Enesco in 2008. Due to rising labor and material costs, Enesco shut down production of the line in 2014.