What Is a Collection of Web Pages Called?

A collection of Web pages is called a website. The Web pages are typically related to one another and served from a single Web domain. Pages of a website are usually accessed via a URL.

Websites usually contain Web pages that are focused on one topic. Sometimes, websites or Web pages contain hyperlinks to other websites. This can make the lines blur because the hyperlinks are not a part of the group of Web pages that contained the hyperlinks. Websites can normally be identified by the URLs that are shared among their pages.

There are two categories of websites: static and interactive. Static websites store their pages on a server and appear the same to everyone who views them. They are often used to provide information to their viewers.

Interactive websites allow a dialogue between the site owner and visitors. Interactive websites are said to belong to Web 2.0, which means they are often social media websites that contain comments and visitor-submitted content. Web pages on static websites are more often like the pages in a book, whereas Web pages in interactive websites are more like topics of conversation. Both styles of website are still used as of January 2015.