How Cold Should a Deep Freezer Be?

Westend61/N/A/Getty Images

A freezer should be set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Two to three pounds of food per cubic foot is the maximum density of produce that should be stored in a freezer so that the food can freeze within 24 hours. Any longer than this time and food will reduce in quality.

When storing food, many manufacturers will list a maximum amount of time it should be stored for. It can be stored for longer periods, and still be eaten safely, however, flavor, color and texture will continue to deteriorate after this time. Food frozen at a temperature higher than 0 degrees F will not spoil, but quality will deteriorate faster.

A freezer is more economical when it is full, and food is circulated so that older food is used first. While an upright freezer is easier to organize and use day-to-day, a chest freezer uses less energy as there is less air inside the freezer and between packaging. Good materials for freezing food include aluminum containers, glass, plastic, tin, bags and moisture-resistant wraps. Be sure, however, to leave enough room in each container for the food to expand when it freezes. Failure to do so may result in a container splitting or opening, which can cause freezer burns to the food.