How Do You Get Coffee Stains Out of a Carpet?

Remove dried coffee stains from carpet by applying a paste made with water and baking soda, massaging in the paste, allowing it to dry, and vacuuming away the powder and stain. If the stain is set, follow the baking soda treatment with a vinegar wash.

  1. Mix the paste

    Add just enough water to enough baking soda to cover the stain to make a paste. Mix until all the baking soda is moist. The paste works by dissolving and absorbing the stain.

  2. Apply to the stain

    Apply the baking soda paste to the stain, making sure any splatter marks are also covered. The splatter marks often require closer inspection to detect.

  3. Massage in the paste

    Using a stiff nylon brush, work the paste into the fibers, ensuring it reaches all areas of the stain.

  4. Allow the carpet to dry

    The baking soda paste should dry rapidly. As it dries, it absorbs the coffee odor, leaving the rug looking and smelling fresh.

  5. Vacuum away the power

    Use a vacuum to remove the dried baking soda and coffee from the floor.

  6. Treat set stains with vinegar

    If stains remain, mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of water. Apply to the stain with a sponge. Cover it with a bowl and allow the stain to sit overnight. Blot the stain away in the morning. The smell leaves when the vinegar dries.