What Are the Codes for a U-Verse Remote Control?

U-Verse remote control codes vary. As of 2015, codes for each model of U-Verse remote are identified by turning on the TV, pressing Menu on the remote, selecting Help, selecting Remote Control Setup and choosing the remote model from the list, according to AT&T.

Having the brand and model of the television available can help individuals locate the correct code. U-Verse remote control codes depend on the type of remote and type of television being paired. Within AT&T’s Remote Control Setup menu for most remote models, there are options to select a television being paired, automatically detect the television model, or search for the television model to locate the code that needs to be entered on the remote in order to pair it with the television.

If the process of locating the codes or pairing the remote is not working, checking the remote, television and cables for problems solves most issues. Model numbers are located on the back of each remote, and some models need the correct mode button to be pressed for each device before operating it. If pressing the power button does not cause the buttons on the remote to light up brightly, the batteries should be replaced.