What Are the Codes to Program a Toshiba DVD Player?

The most common codes to program a Toshiba DVD player are 112, 313, 413, 419, 506, 510, 512, 517, 613 and 902. At least one of these codes works with most universal remotes and most Toshiba DVD players.

It is not uncommon for DVD player owners to lose or misplace the original remotes that came with their DVD players. This is often an inconvenience that makes it nearly impossible to watch movies on their DVD players. For this reason, universal remote controls are available to help owners connect to nearly any type of DVD player, regardless of the brand. Remote controls work by sending signals from the transmitters inside the remotes to the televisions or DVD players the owners want to operate. Many universal remote control options exist to help owners control these pieces of equipment along with other electronics by using only one remote.

Many cable and satellite companies offer remote control options that allow their customers to play the programming from the cable or satellite feed by using the remotes and also program the remote controls to operate other pieces of equipment, such as DVD players. This streamlining makes it easy for owners to switch between DVD players, cable programming and other components.