What Are the Codes to Program an RCA Remote to an Orion Television?

For the RCR612, RCR812 and other similar models, the codes to program an RCA remote to an Orion television are 1086, 1090 or 1106. However, for the RCR450, RCR815 and related models, the codes to program the RCA remote are 1030, 1035, 1191 or 1208.

There are two methods for programming an RCA universal remote control. The first method is to enter the manual codes provided for the given device. To enter a manual code, press and hold the TV key on the universal remote. Wait for the on/off button to become illuminated. Once the key is illuminated, while still holding down the TV key, enter the four-digit code for the Orion television. Once you have entered the fourth digit, release the TV key. If the code that was entered is valid, the on/off key should no longer be illuminated. If the on/off key remains illuminated, move onto the next four-digit code listed.

The second method for programming an RCA universal remote is to perform an auto code search and entry. The second method is reserved for manufacturers that do not have specific four-digit codes. Therefore, since Orion televisions have been assigned with a variety of four-digit codes, the manual method is preferred.