How Do I Know If My Coach Wallet Is Authentic?

An authentic Coach wallet can verified by observing its crafting and design. There are several ways that any person can check the authenticity of a Coach wallet.

Authenticating the wallet before buying it can save money and prevent disappointment. For example, if buying a Coach wallet online, it is a good idea to verify the wallet’s serial number or the company the wallet is being purchased from. If a proof of purchase is available for a used wallet being re-sold, it can also be checked to confirm the original purchase date.

One of the common ways to spot a fake Coach wallet is to check for any glue. While some seams are glued together, Coach would never allow any glue to show on its luxury products. An authentic Coach wallet has perfect seams and stitching. If a logo is present, the stitching splits the logo evenly on an authentic wallet. Most knock-off wallets use fake leather that feels rough and smells like plastic.

The Coach “C” logo is a pair of letter Cs that face each other. If the Cs aren’t facing each other or if they’re crooked, the wallet is probably a fake. Also, if there are Cs on both the inside and outside, the wallet is counterfeit.