What Clothing Is Traditional in Hungary?

The traditional clothing of Hungary for men includes embroidered shirts, floppy hats, and pants tucked into boots made out of leather. Men also occasionally wear vests or coats, oftentimes with plentiful embroidery stitched on, which periodically is also featured on their boots.

For the women of Hungary, traditional clothing consists of lavishly embellished aprons or vests over simple white shirts, which are combined with brightly colored skirts and head-coverings made from colorful fabrics. The head scarves are called babushkas and are also often patterned with vivid embroidery. Occasionally instead of wearing a traditional head scarf, simple wreaths of flowers are worn instead. The Hungarian traditional clothing has in modern times become more vibrant as more color options regarding embellishments have been made available.

The embroidery featured in Hungarian clothing designs have several signature characterizations. It features large patterns of flowers, vibrant color designs and plush embroidery structures. The embroidery patterns of Hungary, however, differ depending on the region of the country, with each region designating its own pattern to differentiate its embroidery from other parts of the country. As a part of balancing the colors with the elaborate stitching, if a vibrant color is used, a design pattern with fewer stitches is implemented, whereas quieter colors feature a more elaborate design.