What Clothing Do the Miami Indians Wear?

Phillip Pessar/CC-BY 2.0

While Miami Indians once wore clothing that was made from bison and deer skin, tribe members today are acculturated, or have become accustomed to wearing the same clothing as business people, farmers and production workers. Because they work in modern society, the Native Americans in the tribe do not wear the clothing they wore when they lived off the land during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Miami Indians, who once primarily lived in the Midwest, now live in Oklahoma and Indiana. During earlier times, Miami tribes’ members did not don headdresses made with an abundance of feathers nor did they smear paint on their face.

During the 1700s and 1800s, Miami women wore leggings and skirts and the men in the tribe wore breech cloths. All tribes members wore shirts in cooler weather. However, longer pants were never worn by the men. Leather moccasins were worn by both men and women.

Instead of a Native headdress, Miami Indians wore a headband made with beads and a couple feathers. Miami women wore their hair long, sometimes tying the strands into a bun or by braiding the locks.

Miami men shaved their head in the Mohawk style and wore roaches that were comprised of hair rather than the quills of the porcupine.

Today, Miami people still revere the moccasins and head bands they once wore but wear the kind of clothes that are appropriate to their chosen field of work..