What Are Some Clothing Items That Start With the Letter “N”?

Some clothing items that start with the letter “n” are negligee, nightgown, necktie and nylons. Nightie and nightshirt also start with the letter “n” and are similar to negligee, in that they are worn during sleep.

A negligee is a sheer, flowing piece of sleepwear worn by women. It is frequently made out of lace or silk to provide a delicate appearance. Though not in every case, negligees are typically meant to be visually pleasing in an intimate matter for the partner of the woman who wears them. The word negligee is derived from the French word for neglect. Originally, it was used to refer to an incomplete or improper attire, not necessarily sensual sleepwear.

Nightgowns, along with nighties and nightshirts, are more casual sleepwear that can be worn by men, women or children. Nightgowns are less common in present day, as most people prefer to wear old, worn out clothes or pajamas to sleep in.

A necktie refers to a standard men’s tie that is worn around the neck and draped down the chest. It varies from a bow tie in that it has a different shape and uses a different type of knot.

Nylon is a man-made material that was first widely used in the creation of women’s stockings during the mid-20th century. In time, the stockings came to be referred to as nylons.