What Clothes Do Russian People Wear?

Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Russian men and women dress more formally than people in Western Europe and the United States. Women often wear brightly colored dresses with heels when they walk outside. Men wear simple T-shirts with trousers and dress shoes for an evening out or a stroll down the street. Comfort items of clothing, such as sweatpants and sandals, are not popular in Russia because they are considered too casual.

Due to the popularity of Western media, Russian fashion is heavily influenced by United States and Western European fashion trends. The similarities include high-waisted pants, mini skirts and an eclectic mix of styles. However, Russians add their own unique twist on the fashions of the west. Women’s outfits are often more fitted and figure-hugging. Women prefer edgy accessories, such as aviator glasses, leather purses with spikes, and stiletto heels. Blacks and grays are the most popular colors on the streets of Russia, but they are often offset by a brightly colored accessory, such as a neon-yellow purse. Since Russia has a cold climate, jackets and coats come in a variety of fabrics and styles. The most popular winter coats are long and black. As of 2014, “ushankas,” which are large fur hats commonly associated with Russian soldiers, have become popular again.