What Clothes Do People in England Wear?

Vadim Timoshkin/CC-BY-2.0

People in England wear a variety of styles and types of clothing. Traditionally, England has a male and female national costume. However, the style of modern English residents is much like the style seen in western countries like the United States.

The weather dictates the choice of clothing worn by those living or visiting England. England’s climate experiences all four seasons; because of England’s far northern geographic location, the weather is slightly cooler than regions further south on the globe. England also experiences lots

of rain, which has popularized the use of rain boots, hats and jackets in the fashion culture. Different season-appropriate fashion choices are made based on the temperature or climate.

According to USA Today, England “is the place to spring for tailor-made clothing.” It is believed that one’s level of class is reflected in their attire. People in England exude a more refined look by opting for luxury fabrics and hemlines versus cheap fabrics and ragged hemlines. While faded or ripped garments may be a fashion statement in some countries, this trend is looked down upon in England. The distressed denim look is not highly favored in England. Instead, a more tailored look is preferred. England fashion strives to exude a classy, well put-together style.