What Clothes Did the People of the Middle Colonies Wear?

In the Middle Colonies, men wore linen or wool shirts, overcoats and breeches, and women dressed in either linen or wool long dresses, petticoats, aprons, hooded cloaks and white caps. Children of different sexes wore clothes similar to the adults. Men wore boots while women wore leather shoes.

While people dressed in linen clothing during warm weather, they wore wool during the winter for warmth. In winter time, the men also could wear leather breeches and an overcoat, and women used hooded cloaks.

Although rich people could wear clothes made in Europe, most people wore clothes made at home by the women. They used spinning wheels for making the yarn, which was woven and then sewed into clothes.

The Middle Colonies consisted of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The climate and soil in these colonies were more suitable for farming.