How Close Can I Build to My Neighbor’s Boundary?

According to Voge Law Office, the legal distance required between a property boundary and new construction is called a setback, and the distance necessary varies depending on the zoning ordinances where the property is located. Consult local government before building anything new on property in order to avoid potential legal problems.

Homeowners are able to request a copy of a land survey from the city clerk’s office that provides clearer information on property land divisions, according to FindLaw. Another option is to hire a land surveyor to come to the home and place markers on the boundaries of the property. The cost of this service depends mostly on the size and lay of the land. A homeowner is able to proceed with his building project once the boundary line is clear to both parties.

Another solution that clears the way for a home building project is a lot line adjustment agreement. FindLaw explains that this type of agreement involves drawing up and signing official deeds that make property lines official between neighbors. It is important to note that this type of agreement must follow local zoning laws. In addition, both neighbors need to check with the banks that holds any mortgages on the properties to ensure that the banks do not object to any changes that affect property value.