How Do I Close My Browser?

>Several methods exist to close an Internet browser in case it locks up due to a malfunctioning script or bogged-down system resources. First, try the standard methods of pressing “Alt + F4” or “Ctrl + Escape”. If neither of those work you can also close the browser via the Task Manager.

To open the Windows Task Manager, press either the “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” or “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keyboard combinations. The Task Manager opens up a list of currently running programs, and from there you can select your Web browser from the list. Once it is highlighted, click on End Program or End Task depending on your operating system. This should pop up a confirmation message, so click the OK button to confirm.

If you need to close the browser process instantly, navigate to the Task tab of Task Manager (usually the second tab), and then scroll to the executable file associated with your active browser. For Internet Explorer, this is “iexplorer.exe,” for Firefox, it is “firefox.exe” and for Chrome it is “chrome.exe.” Highlight the file and click the End Task button. Note that this instantly ends the process and will not give users any opportunity to save information, so data may be lost when closing a program this way.

Avoid browsers crashing by not opening too many tabs at once and by keeping your virus protection up-to-date. Also, make sure you have all associated plug-ins for a website.