What Is a Client System in Social Work?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A client system is the group of people that a social worker is responsible for helping. Their tasks are designated by the needs of the individual or the family that they are needed to help. Some social workers use the term client services in the same context as a client system; it typically depends on the state in which the person works.

A social worker has a number of tasks they are required to complete on a routine basis. Their main goal is to provide helpful services to their clients. The client system is the collection of people that the social worker is assigned to help. Many of these people need assistance with money, food or protective services for themselves or their children.

In many situations, the social worker is an advocate for minors that do not have the ability to provide for themselves. The social worker speaks on their behalf, and they find the children a safe place to stay. Other clients that they represent are parents that need some help with obtaining welfare or food stamps. These programs help the parents feed and clothe their children while they look for work. In some states, the clients in this system are disabled, and the social worker makes sure they receive the proper services such as medical and daily care.