What Are Some Clever Names to Put on Fake Halloween Tombstones?

Some clever names to put on Halloween tombstones include Barry A. Live, Ima Goner, Al B. Rightback, Myra Mains and Izzy Gone. Other good examples include Ted N. Burried and Rustin Peece.

Some clever epitaphs involve a spooky creature theme, such as B.A. Ghoul, Mummy B. Ware, Ima Ghost, Paul Tergeist and Manny Bones. Other names hint to the way a person died, such as Bitby A. Snake and I. Slipt. Options for epitaphs that involve a mild raunchy theme include Ben Dover and Seymour Buns. Names that involve a play on terms for “deceased” include Dee Parted and Cross Dover. Other names that make a play on words include Hap Arishen, Wee G. Bord, Manny Festation, Rick Amortis and Clara Voince.

Some names are more amusing because of the style of the tombstone. For example, the name Tom Thumb could be used on a tiny tombstone. Lee Ning would be appropriate on a titled tombstone. A tombstone covered in moss could bear the name Roland Stone.

Some clever Halloween epitaphs do not include names at all. They may involve an amusing phrase, such as “See! I told you I was sick!” or “Don’t make me come up there!” Additional name themes include names of deceased characters from popular television shows, such as “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones” or fictional villains from horror movies such as Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers.