How Do You Clear Your Browser History?

Delete your history from within the menu in your browser. You can also access the browser history window by simultaneously pressing Ctrl, Shift and Delete on your computer keyboard.

  1. Open the Web browser

    Right-click the browser icon, and select Open to launch the browser. You can also double-click the icon to open the browser.

  2. Locate the menu button

    Find the menu button on your browser. In Internet Explorer, the gear icon in the upper-right corner is the menu button. In Chrome and Firefox, the menu button resembles three lines stacked on top of each other.

  3. Access the History section

    Select the section that contains your browser history. In Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the drop-down menu, and then select the General Tab. In Chrome and Firefox, the History option from the drop-down menu contains your browser history.

  4. Delete the browser history

    Remove your browser history. In Internet Explorer, click the Delete button. Check the boxes you would like to clear, and click Delete. In Chrome, click Clear Browsing Data, and place a check mark in the boxes. Select Beginning of Time in the drop-down menu, and click Clear Browsing Data. In Firefox, click Clear Recent History. Check the boxes in the pop-up window, and click Clear Now.