How Do You Clean a Washing Machine That Is Leaving Residue on Clothes?

Fuse/Getty Images

White vinegar is used to remove residue in washing machines. The vinegar typically removes residue in the time it takes to wash a load of laundry, but it should be used without adding clothing to the machine. The washing machine should be set to the rinse cycle before using vinegar if laundry was washed with bleach prior to cleaning the washer.

  1. Fill the washer with water

    Set the washer on the largest load setting possible, and fill with hot water.

  2. Add vinegar to the filled washer

    To clean a front-loading washing machine, pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser. Clean the detergent dispenser before adding the white vinegar if there is visible soap residue. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine how to remove and clean the detergent dispenser, if necessary. To clean a top-loading washing machine, add 4 cups of white vinegar after filling the washer with hot water.

  3. Check the washer during the rinse cycle

    If suds are visible during the rinse cycle, the process of cleaning the washer should be repeated until the soap residue is no longer visible. To check a front-loading washing machine during the rinse cycle, push the pause or stop button, and open the door of the machine.