How Do You Clean up Liquid Laundry Detergent Spills?

Liquid laundry detergent spills are difficult to clean because they can only be cleaned by water according to Hints from Heloise. The steps taken depend on the type of surface the detergent has spilled on.

Treating liquid laundry detergent spills with any other type of cleaning product or household remedy, such as vinegar, will not work. This is because the detergent itself is soap, and soap will not dissolve or remove soap.

Spills made on hard floors and surfaces are the easiest to clean. First, use a rag to get up as much of the detergent as possible. Next, use clean wet rags to wipe up the remainder. It may take multiple rags before the majority of the detergent is removed from the hard surface. Finally, run over the area with a wet mop drenched in plain water.

On carpet, use a carpet cleaner and go over the area with plain water. This will need to be repeated multiple times until the water on the carpet is clear and free of suds.