How Do You Clean up a Gas Spill on a Garage Floor?

Jeffrey Coolidge/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To clean up a gas spill on a garage floor, soak up the fuel with rags, saturate the floor with citrus cleanser, scrub the floor, rinse it thoroughly, place the rags outside until the gasoline evaporates, and launder or discard them. This 45-minute process requires rubber gloves, rags, citrus cleanser, a scrub brush and hot water.

  1. Soak up pooled gasoline

    Open the garage door to increase ventilation. Put on rubber gloves, and cover the spilled gasoline with clean, absorbent rags. When the rags have absorbed the pooled fuel, bring them outside, and spread them on the ground. This makes the gasoline evaporate as quickly as possible.

  2. Pour citrus cleanser on the floor

    Pour a liberal amount of citrus cleanser on the floor. Scrub the floor with a stiff plastic scrub brush, adding more cleanser periodically. Work the cleanser into the floor for at least 10 minutes.

  3. Rinse the floor

    Rinse the floor thoroughly, preferably with a pressurized hose.

  4. Dry the floor

    Spread clean rags over the floor. Wait 5 minutes, then remove them, and put them outside. If the floor still smells of gasoline, apply more citrus cleanser, and scrub the floor for another 10 minutes. Wash, scrub and rinse the floor until the gasoline is completely gone.

  5. Dry the rags

    Leave all of the rags outside until they are dry, even if you plan to throw them away. Once the gas has evaporated, launder the rags, or put them in a trash bin.