How Do You Clean up an Antifreeze Spillage?

Antifreeze is extremely toxic, so rubber gloves should be worn when cleaning an antifreeze spill, using sawdust or cat litter to soak up the spillage itself, before disposing of material used to soak up the liquid in sealed plastic bags. If spilled outside on a driveway, then antifreeze can be hosed onto a lawn, where the soil will absorb the toxins.

Antifreeze is dangerous due to the fact it contains ethylene glycol. If ingested, this can cause severe damage to internal organs, as well as death. Animals are often attracted to the sweet smell of antifreeze spills, which means regardless of where a spillage occurs, the following measures should always be taken:

  1. Restrict access to the area
  2. Make sure to remove any animals or children from the area as soon as possible, and prevent access to the spillage. Make sure rubber gloves are worn before applying an absorbent material, such as sand, to soak up the majority of the spillage.

  3. Remove the remaining stain
  4. Once the majority of the antifreeze has been soaked up by the porous material, remove it and place it in a plastic bag. Use warm water and soap to scrub the stain spot, making sure to dispose of the sponge or scourer in a plastic bag. Avoid tipping any cleaning water down the drain, instead disposing of it on lawn or grass.