How Do You Clean the Screen on a Well Pump?

Cleaning the screen on a well pump involves the use of food grade phosphoric acid to dissolve debris, moulds and bacterial buildup. The process takes about two to three hours.

  1. Turn off the power source

    Switch off and remove the plug at the source of power. This ensures that you do not get exposed to an electrical hazard.

  2. Locate the priming port of the well

    Look for the priming port opening of the well. This port is set just before the opening of the well. Open the port.

  3. Pour the acid

    Pour in a teacup of granular phosphoric acid on the port opening. Sulfarmic or muriatic acid can also do the job. These acids can be found at food chemical stores.

  4. Close the port opening

    Make sure that the priming port opening is closed.

  5. Reconnect power supply

    Reconnect the power supply, and switch it on. Wait for at least two hours before proceeding with the next step.

  6. Open an outdoor faucet

    Turn on one faucet that is outside of the house. The chemicals will dissolve the debris slowly and let them pass through the screen. Check to see if the water is dirty. Allow dirty water to flow out until it runs clear. Dirty water can be used to irrigate the garden or the potted plants.