How Do You Clean Rowenta Steam Irons?

Joop Greypink/Stone/Getty Images

To clean a Rowenta steam iron, enable the iron’s steam chamber self-cleaning function, and clean the iron’s soleplate. You need a kitchen sink, a towel and a hot iron soleplate cleaner.

  1. Fill the iron with cold water

    Run cold water from your kitchen faucet, and fill the iron. Set the variable steam control switch to the minimum setting, and turn the thermostat knob to the maximum setting.

  2. Plug in the power cord to heat up the iron

    Set the iron on its heel, and plug the iron’s power cord into a nearby electrical outlet. Wait for the iron’s indicator light to turn off, and then unplug the power cord.

  3. Activate the self-cleaning function

    Hold the iron over the sink with the soleplate facing down while making sure that the soleplate is at a safe distance away from your body. Press the self-cleaning button, and hold it for one minute.

  4. Drain the water through the soleplate

    Release the button, and move the iron back and forth and side to side slowly to drain the water through the soleplate. Use a towel to wipe the soleplate clean. Set the iron on its heel to dry.

  5. Clean the soleplate

    Purchase a hot iron soleplate cleaner. Read and follow the instructions on the bottle of the cleaner to clean the soleplate.