How Do You Clean Mold and Mildew in a Basement?

Basement mold and mildew can be cleaned by soaking up excess moisture, thoroughly drying the area and treating the affected areas with antimicrobial spray. If the mold or mildew is widespread, home fogging machines containing antimicrobial solutions allow for efficient coverage. When treating tile and grout, it is important to apply grout sealer following treatment to prevent new moisture build up.

Mold spores can also be removed from basement surfaces with a solution of Borax detergent and water. Mix 1 cup Borax with 1 gallon of water, and apply the solution to all affected surfaces. As the solution dries, a powdery film develops on the surfaces. The wet solution helps to kill live mold spores and the film will prevent new spores from multiplying.

If mold has developed underneath carpeting or carpet padding, it is important to pull up the carpet and underlying pads and thoroughly sanitize the underlying area. If the carpeting is not affected, it can be replaced after the mold is removed from the flooring. New mold and mildew growth can be prevented by eliminating moisture sources and balancing out basement humidity levels with humidifiers. Replacing moist or damaged insulation can also help to prevent additional mold growth.