How Do You Clean a GE Potscrubber Dishwasher?

If your dishes are not getting clean in your GE Potscrubber dishwasher, you need to clean the dishwasher. Clean the unit so that water from the pump recycles the water to wash dried food off your dishes. The time required often ranges between 30 minutes for a simple job to 1 hour for heavy-duty cleaning.

  1. Clean the spray-arm

    Remove the plastic thumbscrew that holds the spray-arm in place. Lift the arm out of the dishwasher and clean it. Make sure all the outlet holes are open before returning it to the dishwasher.

  2. Clean the filter screen

    The mesh filter screen prevents food from finding its way into the pump and sticking in the spray-arm. A clogged filter prevents the water from reaching the pump. The filter for the Potscrubber is located in the front, close to the bottom and twists to unlock. Remove the filter and clean it in the sink before reinstalling.

  3. Clean with powdered drink mix

    Unsweetened lemonade powdered drink mix contains citric acid, which dissolves the scale buildup and stains. Pour a packet into the detergent dispenser and run the empty machine without adding detergent to clean the inside of the dishwasher.

  4. Stop prewashing to keep the unit clean

    Prewashing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is one of the reasons your glasses develop streaks. The dried on food counteracts the detergent, preventing the streaks on your glasses and the buildup of film inside your dishwasher.