How Do You Clean a DVD Player Laser Lens?

J-C&D. Pratt/Photononstop/Getty Images

When cleaning the laser lens of a DVD player, avoid physically touching the components. Instead, use compressed air and alcohol swabs to clean dust and other buildup in the interior of the player.

  1. Unplug the DVD player, and unscrew the top

    Unplug the DVD player before you clean it, as you may come into contact with its electrical components through this process. Set the DVD player on a flat surface, and unscrew the top portion of its casing. Commonly, there are a total of six screws: one on each corner and two smaller screws attached to the rear. Be sure to not remove any screws near the power plug.

  2. Use compressed air on the inside of the DVD player

    Blow out any loose contamination on and around the lens using a can of compressed air. Keep the can upright at all times so liquid propellant does not get inside the chassis.

  3. Locate and swab the laser lens

    The DVD player’s lens is often near the center of the unit; it normally looks like a small glass bubble. Dip a small cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol, and use it to gently wipe the lens clean. Finally, blow the lens dry using the compressed air.