How Do You Clean Bluestone?

To clean bluestone, perform a spot test to determine the required soak time, mix the cleaning solution, apply the solution with a stiff push broom, allow it to sit, then scrub the stone with the push broom. Rinse the surface thoroughly, check for lingering stains, and clean further if necessary.

  1. Perform a spot test

    Mix the cleaning solution with water, and remove debris from the bluestone surface. Pour the cleaning solution onto a hidden spot, and allow it to sit for 12 minutes. Scrub the area with a stiff brush. Keep testing with the cleaning solution until you determine the amount of time it takes for the cleaning solution to work.

  2. Mix the cleaning solution

    Pour 5 gallons of warm water into a plastic bucket, and add the cleaning solution. Mix thoroughly.

  3. Apply the cleaning solution

    Dip a stiff push broom into the cleaning solution, and brush it over the bluestone surface. Allow a generous amount of the liquid to splash onto the surface. If cleaning a large area, only apply the solution to sections of the space at a time. Wait the amount of time determined by the spot test.

  4. Scrub the bluestone

    After the allotted soak time, go back over the surface with the push broom, scrubbing any stains.

  5. Rinse the surface

    Use a targeted spray to wash the cleaning solution away completely.

  6. Complete the cleaning

    Allow the surface to dry thoroughly, and then check for lingering spots or stains. Clean with extra solution, if necessary.