How Do You Clean Baggallini Bags?

To clean a Baggallini bag, wash it by hand in a mild detergent or dish soap. The manufacturer warns against washing the bag in a machine, which voids the one-year warranty. Consult a professional dry cleaner before applying any cleaning solution to remove a spot or stain.

Baggallini is a brand of lightweight, fabric handbags, luggage and accessories. Known for their sturdy, modular construction, Baggallini handbags come in a variety of solid colors and prints and a number of styles, including cross-body bags, totes and backpacks. Most styles feature at least one external pouch or pocket and multiple compartments that keep the bag’s contents neatly organized.

Baggallini’s small accessories include mini-bags, wallets and a padded iron cover that holds a curling iron or flat iron. The line also includes a passport and credit card case featuring a radio-frequency identification-blocking lining for added security. Travel bags include a rolling tote, carry-on luggage and several cosmetic bags.

The Baggallini brand originated in 1995 and was acquired by RG Barry Corporation in 2011. The bags are available at over 3,500 retailers nationwide. To find a local retailer, visit the Baggallini website and click on the link at the bottom of the page. Enter your city and state or ZIP code and the desired search radius, and the site returns a list of nearby stores and a map of their locations.