What Is the Classification of Computers According to Purpose?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 15, 2020 8:15:26 AM ET

General purpose computers and special purpose computers are two classifications of computers according to use. Not surprisingly, most computers are considered general purpose machines, since they are built for such a wide range of processing capability, explain byte-notes.com computer experts.

Various tasks can be completed on a general purpose computer by utilizing a variety of software. Tasks include controlling security systems, making calculations, manipulating facts in a database, writing and editing. Examples of such electronics include desktops, laptops, notebooks and smart phones. Such devices can store a variety of programs internally, though large amounts may result in compromises of speed and efficiency -depending on the amount of internal storage available.

Special purpose computers are task-specific and are generally used for one particular purpose in performing a single task again and again. Examples of this type of computer include traffic light control systems, navigational systems, digital watches and robot helicopters. Special purpose computers are built with a function of design to address a specific problem instead of utilizing stored programs. Since they perform a single function while using less memory and information, such computers often function faster than their general purpose counterparts. However, they are also less versatile and unable to perform a multitude of operations, states byte-notes.com.