What Are Some Classic Hairstyles for Women Over 65?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 9, 2020 6:49:19 PM ET

Some classic hairstyles for women over 65 include the pixie, cropped bob, wavy lob, blunt lob and long and layered hairstyles, suggests Allure. A textured bob and a voluminous hairstyle are two other good choices for women over 65.

A pixie haircut is a good choice for a woman over 65 because it spotlights the face and offers a feminine silhouette. The pixie is also easy to maintain with just some wax or pomade. The pixie haircut sported by Isabella Rossellini is a good example. A cropped bob in the manner of Helen Mirren is an excellent choice for women who want to do something a bit daring and showcase their jawline and cheekbones.

Women who want to wear their hair a bit longer may opt for a wavy bob that opens the face and creates a very feminine look. For fine or medium hair, a blunt lob is a good option. Classic long hairstyles suitable for women over 65 also include a mid-length cut with a heavy side sweep and center-parted bangs.

For colors, classic styles for women over 65 include warm shades of gold and caramel. Redheads should opt for a laid-back copper shade instead of burgundy, states GrandParents.com.