What Is a Class 4 Felony in Arizona?

Hans Neleman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

According to Avvo, Class 4 felonies in Arizona include theft, possession of narcotics, possession of dangerous drugs, forgery, identity theft, weapons misconduct and driving under the influence. The Law Offices of David Cantor list computer crimes, such as tampering and possession of an unauthorized access device, as Class 4 felonies.

The Arizona State Legislature notes that there are five different sentencing levels for Class 4 felonies. These levels include mitigated, minimum, presumptive, maximum and aggravated circumstances. A Class 4 felony carries a prison sentence between one year and three years, eight months. The sentence depends on at what level the crime is classified. For example, an aggravated burglary could receive a maximum sentence of three years, eight months.

According to the Law Offices of David Cantor, crimes such as the unauthorized release of proprietary information or computer security information can either be considered Class 4 or Class 6 felonies in Arizona, depending upon the severity of the crime.