What Is a Class 2 Driving License?

Sabrina Dalbesio/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

A Class 2 driving license is a common type of heavy driving license that allows people to legally operate a heavy vehicle, such as a tractor trailer. A Class 2 driving license could also be considered a type of commercial driving license, depending on the country in which it is issued.

For certain vehicles, drivers must also have an endorsement along with the relevant class of heavy driving license to be allowed to drive. To get a Class 2 license, the person must first get a Class 2 learner license, but only after having a Class 1 license for at least six months, then pass a practical test. In the United Kingdom, heavy vehicle licenses are denominated by the letters B, C and D, while in Class 2 licenses are a type of commercial license, with different prerequisites than New Zealand.