Which City Has the Most Bridges in the World?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 9, 2020 12:18:22 PM ET
Dominika Sebjan/E+/Getty Images

According to Action 4 News, Pittsburgh, Pa., has the most bridges within its actual city limits. However, Amusing Planet says that Hamburg, Germany; Venice, Italy; or Amsterdam, Netherlands, have more bridges. It also claims that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam put together.

Situated as it is on the juncture of three rivers, the city of Pittsburgh is literally a series of unconnected islands and peninsulas without its numerous bridges. Various sources list that the city has between 409 and 2,000 bridges. Its nearest competition, Venice, boasts many tiny foot bridges, while Amsterdam's bridges and canals are a tourist attraction. However, Pittsburgh has even adopted the nickname "City of Bridges" in honor of its unique topography and infrastructure.