How Do I Get the Cider in “Final Fantasy VI”?

Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In “Final Fantasy VI,” Locke obtains the cider in South Figaro in the part of the game called “Locke’s Scenario.” At this time, people react differently to Locke based on the clothes that he is wearing. The goal is to escape South Figaro, and to obtain the cider, you must avoid a series of hurdles, including soldiers, and defeat several enemies, such as merchants and a green officer.

  1. Avoid imperial soldiers

    Locke is not likely capable of defeating imperial soldiers at this time, so it is best to avoid them.

  2. Go into the shop

    After entering the shop, engage in a conversation with the merchant.

  3. Battle the merchant

    The merchant calls Locke a thief. Defeat the merchant, and use the steal command to take his clothes and wear them.

  4. Go to the nearby house

    After defeating the merchant, go south to the house nearby. Talk to the child who blocked your path earlier in the game. Be sure to wear the merchant’s clothing. Walk north to the stairs.

  5. Go up the stairs to the balcony

    Walk to the upper left part of the balcony. Proceed to speak to the green officer.

  6. Battle the green officer

    After defeating the green officer, use the steal command to take and wear his cadet clothes.

  7. Go to the pub

    Take the western passage near Chocobo Stable until you run into a soldier blocking you. Speak to him while wearing cadet clothes to enter.

  8. Go to the basement

    Go to the pub basement. Engage in conversation with the merchant.

  9. Battle the merchant

    After defeating the merchant, take his uniform and cider.