What Are Some Free Church Welcome Poems?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 28, 2020 6:28:18 AM ET

As of 2015, some sample free church welcome poems can be found on HeavensInspirations.com and PoetryPoem.com. Sample poems evidence themes of gladness for those that came to worship, an invitation of open arms, a celebration of God's love and a willingness to pray.

Many of the church welcome poems on HeavensInspirations.com have themes that celebrate God's love and sacrifice for his people and a warm welcome for those that choose to worship. An example extract of a poem from this website goes, "We invite you with open arms / To come along to our church, / We hope that you can join with us / In worship and God's word."

An extract from a sample PoetryPoem.com poem goes, "We are honored to share this day with you, / As we worship God's risen son, / We hope that you will feel God's love, / In a new and refreshing way."