What Is a Church Rainbow Tea, and What Is the Spiritual Significance of the Colors?

A church rainbow tea is a mother-daughter or women-only tea event held by a church as a fundraiser, charity event or women’s ministry gathering. It features at least seven tables representing seven colors of the rainbow. Each color corresponds to a specific promise from or aspect of God.

The color red symbolizes the blood Jesus shed when he died to cover humanity’s sin. Yellow represents God’s perfect light, sunshine, wisdom and clear thinking. The color orange corresponds to creativity and rebirth, while green represent all of God’s creation and nature. Blue is symbolic of water, baptism and spirituality and represents the promise that believers will go to Heaven. The color purple represents Jesus’ exchange of his royalty for persecution so humanity can have the best promises of life, while white is symbolic of purity and how Jesus’ death and resurrection gave humanity a chance at righteousness.

Each table or color section of a rainbow tea is competing for a prize for the best design or theme. Every table’s food, tea and decor corresponds to its assigned color, such as red roses, raspberry tea and strawberries on a red section table. Often, a rainbow tea incorporates crafts or activities, such as singing or silent auctions.