What Are Some Church Homecoming Ideas?

Some ideas for a church homecoming celebration include listing members chronologically on a banner, according to LifeWay, providing easily readable name tags and souvenirs for guests and featuring music from each era of the church’s history. Recognizing charter members and church leaders is also a common activity during the homecoming service.

Many churches use the occasion of homecoming to remember landmarks in the church’s history. They also recognize past members, pastors and other church leaders who are visiting during the occasion. Some churches request that members dress in accordance with a particular religious theme or event. Many churches provide a special commemorative program and hand out souvenirs, such as bookmarks, paperweights or cookbooks.

Homecoming is observed once a year in many U.S. Protestant churches, typically on or near the anniversary of the founding of the church. Lunch or dinner is usually served in the church or on the grounds following the service. Food is either provided by members of the church, or the entire homecoming event is catered. After eating and socializing, current and former church members might sing, dance or put on a play or another special event. There might also be recreational activities available for children and adults to engage in on the church grounds.