What Is the Chronological Order of Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” Books?

Chronologically, the first Jack Ryan book is “Without Remorse,” a story set in the 1970s in which Jack makes his first, albeit brief, appearance. This is followed by “Patriot Games,” which is set in the early 1980s.

The chronological list continues with “Red Rabbit,” after which come “The Hunt for Red October,” “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” and “Clear and Present Danger,” all of which are set during the 1980s. “The Sum of All Fears” is Jack Ryan’s first appearance of the 1990s, and it’s followed by “Debt of Honor” and “Executive Orders,” in which Jack is first featured as the president of the United States. The final novel of the 1990s, from a chronological perspective, is “Rainbow Six.”

Jack’s first appearance of the new millennium comes in “The Bear and the Dragon,” which is followed by “The Teeth of the Tiger,” “Dead or Alive,” “Locked On” and “Threat Vector.” The concluding books in the chronological listing are “Command Authority,” “Support and Defend” and finally “Full Force and Effect,” which despite being written by Mark Greaney and published posthumously, is still considered to belong to the Tom Clancy series of Jack Ryan novels. While these books were published in a different order (the first published Tom Clancy book to feature Jack Ryan was “The Hunt for Red October,” which came out in 1984), each book is set at a particular time in history, so the first book published is not the first book chronologically.