What Is There to Do on Christmas Eve?

Some Christmas Eve activities include exchanging reindeer gifts, having a big meal, attending midnight mass and putting out cookies and food for Santa and his reindeer. Families can also have a Christmas movie night, go caroling and admire Christmas lights.

On Christmas Eve, people can plan a Christmas party or Santa shindig with all of their closest friends and family members. Santa can come and visit the home, passing out presents to all the children. Another idea is to open a single gift on Christmas Eve night that happens to be new Christmas pajamas, slippers or robes.

People can spend their Christmas Eve driving around and admiring Christmas lights or going caroling at the houses of neighbors. At night, they can go to a church service or mass. A family can set out a holiday feast on Christmas Eve night that includes ham and turkey, or they can choose ethnic cuisine, eating the foods that were common thousands of years ago in Jerusalem, such as hummus, salmon and grapes. Instead of baking an entire meal, a family can opt instead for a snack bar that includes crackers, meats and cheeses.

Families can also spend Christmas Eve reading the nativity story or Christmas books.