What Are Some Christian Scavenger Hunt Ideas?

Some Christian scavenger hunt ideas include using specific Bible verses as clues to find items, using the verses to create a series of related clues that lead to a final item or creating original clues that allude to Bible concepts. The hunt can incorporate pictures of the items as well.

One basic concept for a Christian scavenger hunt is to use direct verses or quotes from the Bible as clues to locate an item. For example, Matthew 6:19 talks about the keys to the kingdom of heaven, which could be a clue to locate a set of keys or a single key. It is up to the person planning the hunt to decide to use objects already in the home or church or to go out and purchase specific items for the hunt. Another variation on this model is to hide the next clue in the hunt at the location instead of placing a specific item there.

Another idea for a Christian scavenger hunt is to make up new clues that reference or relate to concepts and characters in the Bible. This could include a list of items or short riddles about them. Many Christian scavenger hunts also incorporate an actual Bible as a convenient reference for finding verses and solving puzzles to locate items or clues.